What is Tisane?

Herbal tea, or an infusion (as of dried herbs) used as a beverage or for medicinal effects

Rocky Mountain Tisane is a lightly carbonated, craft brewed tea curated to be the perfect compliment to your healthy lifestyle.

Our Tisanes are completely unsweetened, have zero calories and are flavoured only by the organic tea that we meticulously choose. Nothing artificial, so that you can have confidence that you are hydrating in the cleanest way possible!

Our teas are cold brewed over a long period of time to produce a superior tasting tea that is smoother, less bitter and truer to its original flavour profile.

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The perfect fit for your healthy lifestyle.

A wonderful choice to move beyond sugary sodas and lightly flavoured sparkling waters.

Clear Sparkling Rocky Mountain water, infused with organic whole tea.

No sugars or sweeteners needed and only flavoured by nature!

Brewed cold for days to bring out BOLD, crisp flavours.


Clean, healthy, refreshing

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Loving the Power Up flavour. The concept of carbonated herbal tea is awesome and the caffeine in this one gives me a good pre-work out boost without the sugar or artificial sweeteners in other energy drinks!

Sean K

Winnipeg, MB


I’m diabetic and have been searching for awhile to find a pop substitute and have finally found one. The carbonated teas are amazing and I have finally found my “pop” substitute the bubbles are amazing and super refreshing! I find that when I had a pop I was still thirsty and wanting something to quench my thirst these teas are the answer I’ve been looking for and the flavours are great my Favourite is the lemon ginger but they are all amazing!! I would highly recommend these drinks my sugars are more consistently lower and within my “normal range”

Terena D

Calgary, AB


Great flavours, with no sugar or sweeteners. Very healthy option to stay hydrated.

Chris L

Winnipeg, MB


Delicious, refreshing...four different blends!

Barbara L

Abbotsford, BC


Such great flavor options without the sugar or sugar replacements. My favorites are the Hibiscus Cinnamon and the Energy blend.

Cherie D

Great alternative to sugary soda. Great flavors to choose from

Robyn G

Winnipeg, MB


Our family has tried all 4. These drinks are refreshing (best served very cold or over ice) and are unlike sugar filled options. They also go well with your favorite adult beverage. My wife likes then with bourbon (esp the lemon ginger) and the Fruit Fusion goes great with gin or rum. Try them. They are NOT like traditional ice-teas.

David O

Hibiscus Cinnamon

A perfect pairing

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Lemon Ginger

Citrus with a bite

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Fruit Infusion

Balanced Fruitiness

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Power Up - Mountain CHai

Refreshing with a boost

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