About Us

If you feel inundated by labels that mask sugar, sweeteners, artificial colours or flavours, you already understand much of our story. Like you, we believe in a lifestyle that promotes health.

We wanted to give families like ours the opportunity to hydrate their bodies without sacrificing taste. What started out as a kitchen experiment to steer our children away from juice and other sugary beverages, evolved into an exciting business venture, partnerships with local tea masters, brewing facilities, and lots of family tasting parties!

The result: Rocky Mountain Tisane - a small-batch, non-alcoholic craft beverage that delivers on taste, with zero calories.

Our tea masters select the highest quality, organic ingredients for our blends, which we cold brew to maintain their true colours, aromas, and crisp, clear flavours. We have no need for sugar, sweeteners or artificial flavours. Rocky Mountain Tisane is a small-batch, non-alcoholic craft beverage that delivers on taste, with zero calories.

 We care about health and the planet. Our cold-brew process greatly reduces energy consumption (we do not heat), and our deliberate choice of cans have a higher recycling rate and contain more recycled material than plastic bottles or glass. They are also lighter to transport than glass, demanding less fuel when delivering. And our beverage is ambient – it does not require refrigeration for shipping or storage.

 We are thrilled to share this thirst-quenching experience with you and hope you enjoy our alternative beverage in pursuit of your own wellness goals.


 Your friends at Rocky Mountain Tisane Company