Cold Steeped - The Best Possible Way to Brew Your Tea

We are a proudly Western-Canadian owned and produced company.  We are not the first to brew tea. In fact, its brewing history is long and complex (look it up, it’s fascinating) – but we use the best-known process for drawing out the most flavour, antioxidants and aroma: we make tea cool!  We refuse to sacrifice flavour and quality to save money or time.

Our Cold Brew Process

Steeping small batches, in cold water, over a LONG period of time produces a tea that is smooth and less bitter.  It preserves many of the naturally occurring benefits that can deteriorate with heat.  Conversely, heating the tea essentially cooks the leaves, forcing the extraction of flavours while ultimately altering the taste.  Not for the better – enter the need for sugars or sweeteners.

Our small-batch, cold-brew process, paired with our organic, Sommelier-blended flavour profiles makes Rocky Mountain Tisane unlike anything you’ve experienced before. We have no need for sugars or sweeteners. #justgreattaste

Our Impact

We developed Rocky Mountain Tisane originally for our daughters!  So, we care about leaving the world a better place.  Everything we put into our company and products reflects this.

  • We ensure the best quality by using premium, organic ingredients and ensuring our producers follow similar principals.
  • We package in cans which have a much higher recycling rate than other containers and are lighter in transport than glass.
  • Our cold-brewed process requires no fuels to heat and our final product has no need for refrigeration during shipping and storage.

All this cuts down the carbon footprint that we leave. 

We don’t sacrifice our process, so you don’t have to sacrifice your health. Grab a Rocky Mountain Tisane and #rethinkrefreshment

Your friends at Rocky Mountain Tisane Company

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