Cold Steeping

At Rocky Mountain Tisane, our goal is to craft fresh, cold brewed teas that are minimally filtered and are the perfect balance of wellness and taste without any compromises whatsoever.

We believe that you should never have to settle for a bland tea that has been hot brewed, scorching most of the nutritional benefits or worst yet, loaded with preservatives and sugar.

Cold brewed tea differs from its hot counterpart which in essence “cooks” the tea, forcefully extracting flavors while simultaneously changing its original composition and definitively altering its taste.

Steeping tea in cold water over a long period of time produces a superior tasting tea that is smoother, less bitter and truer to its original flavor profile. Additionally, cold brewing helps preserve as many naturally occurring benefits that heat in traditional brewing can deteriorate.

Our small-batch, cold-brew process, paired with our organic, Sommelier-blended flavour profiles makes Rocky Mountain Tisane unlike anything you’ve experienced before. We have no need for sugars or sweeteners.