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NO Calories
NO Sweeteners NO Sugar NO Artificial Flavours NO Artificial Colours Made from Organic Ingredients Small Batch Craft Brewed

TISANE [ti-zahn], noun:

Also referred to as herbal tea, tisane an infusion of plants or fruit - caffeine free, unless blended with Camelia Sinensis (true tea) plants. It is often consumed for antioxidant and medicinal properties.

It's not new: tisane has been consumed for thousands of years, first documented in ancient Egypt and ancient China.

Our twist: we've taken this ancient tradition and shaken things up with effervescence and water from the Canadian Rockies.

Because Health

Rocky Mountain Tisane was created from the idea you can have a refreshing, sparkling beverage that hydrates and is healthy for you. We know we need to drink more water. Why not infuse it with nature's best ingredients to stimulate your taste buds without any sugar, sweeteners or calories?

Enjoy Rocky Mountain Tisane knowing its incredible taste has nothing to hide; it's all goodness inside.

Because Environment

It's in a can. We've sourced the best ingredients to craft this tisane for you, why not the best ready-to-drink container? Cans have a higher recycling rate than plastic and glass, typically contain more recycled material than plastic bottles, and are lighter to transport than glass, demanding less fuel when delivering. Our cold-brew process requires no heat and the final product requires no refrigeration for shipping and storage. All of this helps us reduce energy consumption.